Invisalign For Teens

Are you a teenager or the parent of a teenager looking for a more affordable orthodontic treatment option? If so you may be interested in Invisalign Teen! Not only is it more affordable than traditional metal braces, but it also is a lot less painful and more convenient.

Invisalign Teen differs for the well know Invisalign treatment only by its compliance assistance program and increased number of replacement aligners. Compliance assistance is just another name for a system that helps you to remember to wear your trays the proper amount of time a day. It works with a color additive that turns a small dot on the back of the trays from clear to a translucent blue to signify they were now worn the proper number of hours. This can be helpful in ensuring compliance of your teen or yourself. The other difference is an increased number of replacement aligners, up to six at no cost! That means don’t worry about misplacing one, you have 6 more!

The best thing about Invisalign Teen though is that it is  only $3,500. There are no hidden fees, it is just a flat $3,500 fee for the complete treatment. In some cases Invisalign Teen corrects teeth substantially faster then traditional braces!