How Does Invisalign Work?

As braces become more and more obsolete, Invisalign has become the talk around town. You may wonder, “How is a plastic aligner replacing the methodical movement of the time proven metal brackets and wires?” The answer is Smart Force technology! Align technology, creators of Invisalign, did their own research in biomechanical movement to create a system that uses 3 dimensional forces to strategically shift teeth into alignment.

Smart Force technology is in its fourth phase of application, now able to correct nearly all orthodontic alignment cases. What does that include? It includes everything from overbites to underbites, crossbites, and spacing issues. The newest version of Invisalign uses everything from the original attachment(also known as buttons) system to the new band system that addresses jaw alignment.

If your interest is now peaked, take a look at Clear, Invisalign Specialist, and find out more on what Invisalign has to offer for you.

An Introduction To Invisalign

If you have or are thinking about orthodontic treatment then I would assume the word Invisalign has come up at some point or another…

What is Invisalign?–> Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to correct alignment, occlusion, and spacing issues.

Who qualifies for it?–> Almost everyone; the only┬árequirement┬áis that your teeth are in good oral health. That means no cavities or major restorative issues.

How much does it cost?–> At Clear, the Invisalign Specialist, it cost a flat fee of $3,500. There are no additional cost or options that add to the price.

How can I get started?–> Easy, contact Clear and let us help you learn more about Invisalign and begin your treatment process today!