Invisalign or Braces?

In my opinion Invisalign is a much better choice than braces if you are a candidate. The newest version of Invisalign is capable of treating almost 90% of orthodontic cases so don’t be to worried about being a candidate. Invisalign is just as effective as braces and sometimes has been shown to actually work faster than braces. As far as being able to see it, almost no one will ever really know if it is in. People can be sitting 2 foot from you and know you are using Invisalign, but not be sure if the aligners are in or not. That means from 2 foot away it is still completely transparent!

Pros: It is clear – unnoticeable to the naked eye/no brace face pictures, comfortable – no cuts or bleeding, almost painless – it can be a little sore the first few hours after changing aligners, Not lifestyle altering – you can keep eating and living as you did before/ all you have to do is take the aligners out when eating, speed – may be quicker than braces, affordable – you can git it for as little as $3500(braces cost $6000 or more), less visits to the orthodontist – you only have to go ever 6 to 10 weeks.

Cons: Lisp – you may have a lisp for the first week as your tongue is trying to get used to it, attention – everyone when they find out you have it want to see it so you have to keep taking it in and out, removing in public – it is a bit awkward to remove in-fornt of people because your saliva always tries to come out with it.

Overall: It was a better choice for me because I didn’t want to be seen walking around with braces in my 20′s. In addition, all the pros out weighs the cons by a lot. Where if you were to do the same for braces the only pro is it straightens you teeth. Hope this helps and good luck through your orthodontic journey!


- an Invisalign patient

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