I Thought Braces Were Metal, Not Plastic!

Did you know a little piece of clear plastic can move crooked and spaced teeth, establish therapeutic occlusion, and gain functional aesthetics? I didn’t! Without being in the loop of dental technology, a piece of plastic is just a piece of plastic.

Let me introduce this little piece of plastic that preforms orthodontic treatment, its name is Invisalign. You may have heard of these clear/removable braces, but you probably have not heard of the huge benefits that Invisalign provides relevant to your overall oral health. Lets also not forget that you will of course end up with a prettier and straighter smile!

If you have good oral health then you probably go to you dental check ups every 6 months and have good at home care. Proper alignment is essential to successful at home care. Why? The less bacteria getting caught in between tight areas, the better periodontal prevention is at home!

I chose to started Invisalign recently and my teeth were “Okay?!” begin with. Today I put in my first aligner and could not be happier. The clarity and strength of the trays gives me so much confidence in its so called “Guaranteed Results.” I can feel my teeth moving already…can’t wait until it’s time to say hello to my perfect smile!

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